Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for the computer unit (PC/MAC) should I meet?

Your computer must meet the following system requirements in order to run the Virtual Classroom software:

  • Windows XP (w/Service Pack 3), Vista (w/Service Pack 2), or Windows 7 (w/Service pack 1) or advance mode
  • 2.0 GB of system memory (RAM)
  • Single Core Processor at 2.4 GHz
  • At least ADSL internet connection or NBN
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher

Q: What are the available time slot for the online tutorial facility?

TutorOZ education  is available any time, every day, even on weekends and holidays.

Q: What subjects can I enroll in?

We offer tutorial services in math, science,English,OC/SELECTIVE trial preparations, Year 12 exclusive,Chess,Art and craft, Coding for kids, Word problem solving, Assignment help .List of courses can be seen on Courses list.  Our proficient tutors can teach you from the subject fundamentals to exam preparations.

Q: How can I contact a tutor?

You can Book Demo class  through our student’s portal at or contact 0423649155.   

Q: How can I reserve a slot for my tutorial session?

Our tutor will send you txt regarding confirmation of class/demo class timings.. A confirmation message will be sent to your email address to acknowledge your reserved time and date.

Q: Do I get the same tutor every time?

You have the option to choose other tutors.Options would be given to you as we have number of teachers.

Q: Do I undergo written examinations?

Yes, we offer optional examinations for our students. After completing the module and passing the grade requirement, you will be given a completion certificate in the subject you enrolled in.


Please fill up request fee information form and course fees would be emailed or txt to you.

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